Terms Of Service


1. The Retail Customer order will be concluded between you as the Retail Customer on one hand and the NutraceutcialSupplies.com Independent Distributor (Distributor) on the other when the Retail Customer purchases product from and accepts delivery of the product from the Distributor. If the Retail Customer places an order through a Distributor’s eSuite or replicated site, the order is concluded when the product is delivered to you.

2. Shipping fees will apply.

3. The ordered products will be sent to the address of the customer indicated in the order. The risk of loss and damage is carried by the Retail Customer beginning with hand-off to the Retail Customer or his receiving agent (family member, neighbor, etc.).

4. This contract is ruled by the laws of the State of Ohio.

5. If any provision in these Terms & Conditions is or becomes ineffective the other provisions remain effective.