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Quality Product. is dedicated to providing the highest quality empty gelatin capsules .  Available in a variety of solid colors, translucent colors, metallic, pearlescent finishes, and clear, there is a capsule to fit your needs.  Ideal for light sensitive ingredients and contents.  Disguise visually unappealing ingredients with dark or bright solid capsules.  Brand and color code your product with your choice of size and color empty gelatin capsule.  Perfect for pharmaceutical, laboratory, educational, and research purposes but also easy enough for home personal needs.  Easily fill these capsules with your choice of powdered ingredients.

Choose your own combinations of vitamins, minerals and powdered nutrients, then simply open the easy to pull apart 2 piece capsule, set each half into the designated holes in our easy to use manual capsule fillers, and follow included instructions to evenly distribute your powdered mixture between all capsules.  Capsules are easily snapped together and there is no skill required to use a manual capsule filling machines.  Easily fill 100 capsules in a matter of minutes. We can get you quotes on capsule presses for both personal or even large manufacturing use.  Have total control and piece of mind knowing your all natural supplements, vitamins, or herbal products contain only the ingredients you desire.

Advantages of capsules from

  • cost
  • quality control of ingredients
  • custom colors allow for quickly identifying capsules containing different contents
  • protection from uv light (for light sensitive ingredients)
  • brand identity
  • appearance
  • resolves unpleasant taste
  • smooth gelatin capsules & smaller sizes provide easier swallowing for people/animals

Capsules aren’t just for supplement manufacturers.

Many people take dietary  supplements of one kind or another for  health benefits. Vitamins, amino acids, and herbals are very popular.  Sometimes these supplements can be mixed with other ingredients, mixed into liquid or even sprinkled on food. When you are using a supplement that has a bitter taste or even irritates the throat, encapsulating may be an option. By putting these supplements into capsules, you come up with the perfect solution. You get all of the health boosting benefits that you desire with none of the difficulties.

When you make your own capsules, you have complete control over what goes in your supplements. This means that you can eliminate taking unwanted ingredients, binders, and fillers that are unnecessary and sometimes harmful. You know exactly what is in your capsules and you have a better guarantee of the level of purity of your ingredients. The added benefit of making your own capsules is that it can be up to three to four times cheaper than buying capsules in the store. With freedom, control, and saving money as well, making your own capsules is the way to go.

Where to buy empty gelatin capsules? provides a wide variety of colors and sizes of empty gelatin capsules to meet dosage size and help you stay organized when taking multiple supplements.  Capsule presses are also available for making multiple capsules at once. Whether you are a supplement manufacturer, or jsut someone who prefers to prepare their own compounds, we can assist you.

Choose color gelatin capsules.

From a marketing standpoint, colored capsules are great. What better way to help your product stand out among the competition. Colored capsules also serve another very important benefit. Safety and pill identification. Our pill capsules are empty and ready to be filled with any kind of compounds, whether it is liquid or solid form.

A wide variety or colors, logos, and even custom printing.

We carry a wide variety of colors for empty gel capsules. One of the easiest ways for people to differentiate between medications or supplements is to look at the color combination of the capsules.  You can choose from our vast selection of unique colors. Even if you manufacture multiple kinds of compounds, you can choose different colors for each one. This will ensure there are no mix-ups that can be dangerous to the health of your customers.

Available at wholesale prices.

Colored gelatin capsules are available at wholesale prices to help keep your product design and continuing operating costs low. Our goal is to help you obtain the empty capsules your product needs, at affordable prices so you can be competitive in your respective market.